An apology & an update

An apology & an update

Well let me first start with an apology! Sorry for slacking with the freebies, giveaways, newsletters and having less posts recently….

Now let me continue with an explanation….Things here have been very busy, both on the business front and the family front. The last few months have been rife with family birthdays (most of which have been big ones!) Including my big 40 fast approaching at the end of the month and lots of organising going on for that too (more about that another day lol). Lilly’s had chicken pox and I’ve had a fair few visits to the docs myself lol. And now we have the 6 week holidays!

I’ve been busy beavering away with orders, new designs and getting Lillys teacher bits done too, Oh and a last minute pirate costume! I’ve also been in talks with the builder about my new work space, which is now going ahead and the works are due to start in 7 weeks (and counting!). I’ve been sourcing new suppliers and updating the website (lots of new bits added), making bits for events and snowed under with Santa buttons!! Yes you heard right, the orders for Santa buttons are daily and are flying out. I thought last Christmas was bad enough lol. And finally (bearing in mind i was invited when Amazon first started Amazon Handmade) I’ve started to set up my account on there 🙂

pirate medallion

 Now bearing in mind most of the time its just me (other than at peak times where I pay for help) Something sometimes has to give a little and unfortunately this was newsletters, posts and freebies etc.

Hopefully things will start getting back on track ASAP and once my new space is ready I should be able to work more efficiently and so have a bit more time on my hands (although i’m sure that will be filled very quickly lol). My new space will be 4 times the size of my small studio workshop and whilst I was hoping it would be done by now, so for the Christmas rush I was in there, it hasn’t gone to plan and the builder we use has been snowed under himself, so I’m now waiting patiently (well trying too!)

I will keep you updated with photos once the build starts 🙂

 So there it is, thats a bit of what I’ve been upto and a bit of whats coming, what have you all been upto?
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