Decorate your own Porcelain Piggy Bank Kit


Piggy Bank Kit

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Personalised decorate your own Porcelain Piggy Bank Kit

Perfect for the kids to make themselves or for a creating a specific saving piggy bank!

Piggy size approx: H: 8 cm, W: 8,5 cm

Small Piggy bank of pale cream porcelain – with removable rubber plug at the bottom (Remember to remove bottom plug before fixation in oven)

They are blank, ready for decoration.

Let the kids draw or write on the Piggys using the pens provided. Leave for 24 hours to cure. Place into a pre-heated oven at the temperature given and fix permanently. (Remember to remove bottom plug before fixation in oven).

Not only for kids, but how about making your best buddy or partner one, that is specific to what they want to save for?


Included in these Piggy bank kits are the following:

1 Blank, Small Porcelain Piggy Bank

3 Porcelain Markers – Red / Blue / Green

1 Instructions


The coloured piggy bank in the photo is just for illustration purposes only.

If you want a piggy bank to be decorated for you in a certain style / way and sent, please use the option available for a quote.

1 Piggy per pack

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Weight 25 g

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