Gift Wrapping


Gift Wrapping


Multiple items being wrapped

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Please let me know if you would like a note added to the gift and what you would like that note to say


Gift Wrapping for your gifts.

All of the wrapping paper is a thick luxury double sided paper. Gifts will be professionally wrapped and have matching ribbon or twine/raffia. Pick the style you would like, the inside will be the alternate. (please see pictures).

This is for the gift wrap of one item, if you have multiple items and require more than one to be wrapped please order as follows:

If you want each item wrapped with different paper – Select your paper choice, tell me which item you would like wrapped with this paper (using box provided), leave the quantity as 1, add this gift wrap to your basket. Repeat for each item.

If you want all items wrapped with the same paper – Select your paper choice and the quantity of all the items you would like wrapped, add to your basket

Please add any details for notes in the provided box.

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Weight 50 g


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