Samantha K – Simple MDF Advent Calendar


Do you require glue?

Samantha K Extra strong glue Comes in a 60ml bottle with twist and seal top (no more mess or lost tops!) It has really strong adhesion properties and is perfect for all your crafty projects including model building


Samantha K – Simple Advent Calendar

Pack includes pieces to create this simple but fabulous advent calendar

The front is oversized A4, meaning you can easily print photos or coverings for your advent calendar, if you don’t fancy painting it!

Why not print a picture of the kids out and make it as a gift for grandparents?

Great for all crafters and mixed media enthusiasts.

The calendar is made from MDF and so they will take most mediums, you can paint them, colour them and add other elements to them.

Cut in the UK from high quality 3mm MDF


Additional information

Weight 25 g

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