Lilly’s Ark – All Natural Dog Treat Boxes (100% Natural)



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Lilly’s Ark – All Natural Dog Treat Boxes

Perfect Christmas gift for your furry best friend

A great way for your loveable pooches to enjoy a selection of their favourite treats or to try something new!

There are 3 options available:

Mixof6 – A selection of 6 different natural treats (see below), plus a bag of Pet Munchies natural treats (random) and a Venison stick.

Premium – A selection of 12 different natural treats (see below), plus a pack of Pet Munchies natural treats (random), plus a pack of Natures Menu freeze Dried treats (random)

Premium plus – Everything in the premium box, plus a natural deep cleaning dog shampoo and natural sensitive dog deodoriser.

We have tried to keep the boxes as environmentally friendly as possible and other than the pre-packed treats (Natures Menu/Venison Stick/Pet Munchies), everything will be loose and the box and inner filling are all recyclable. If ordering the premium plus box, the shampoo and deodoriser will be in a sealed bag to ensure the treats do not become contaminated. If however you require or would like anything else sealed, please let us know.

There are a couple of additional options – The hard wearing Antler chew and a Nobby tennis ball – If these options are selected they will be packed within the box not as separates (unless you request differently)

Natural treat ingredients will be selected from the following:

Ducks foot

A handful of Lamb Spaghetti

Beef Tendon

Beef Trachea

A handful of Dried Beef Tripe

Lambs ear with fur

Goats Ear with fur

Non furry Goats Ear

A handful of Beef Paddywack

Cows Ear with fur

A handful of Sprats

Lamb Twists

Ox Tails



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