About Samantha K Gifts

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m the owner/designer/maker behind Samantha K Crafts / Gifts. I have always had a love of creative things and have dabbled in many different crafty hobbies over the years, I’ve also been lucky enough to design for some amazing companies like Imagination Crafts and Letraset (to name a couple), with many of my works being shown on TV or around the country at big craft events.

In 2015 I decided (with the support of my wonderful hubby) to turn the skills I had learned over the years, into something creative that would help pay the bills!

I started out part time, working late evenings, alongside a stressful, fast paced day job and soon became busy enough to say goodbye to employed life and begin full time work for myself as a Sole Trader.

The hours are long and at peak times I barely get a moments rest, but I get to work with wonderful people and love bringing their ideas, along with lots of my own new ideas to life.

Not only do I create, cut and make lots of items in house, I also hand pick great craft items that will help all crafters create their perfect projects.

I have the pleasure of working with many small businesses, as well as larger corporations and the general public.

The best part about my job, is not just bringing ideas to life, but reading the lovely comments people send me after they have received their items. I’ve even been known to shed a tear or two as some of them truly are touching.

The support of my family has been amazing and everyday I’m thankful for my work.

A big heart felt thank you to everyone that has and does support me with your purchases, I wouldn’t be here without you 🙂 .

Check out my Facebook page to see regular goings on and new projects – https://www.facebook.com/samanthakgifts/

Sam x

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