Autumnal Pumpkin Clock by Karen Clare

Autumnal Pumpkin Clock by Karen Clare

Samantha K MDF Pumpkin Base, witches brooms and numbers
Gesso (white and black)
Orange and Gold Acrylic paint
Sand Texture

I turned this large pumpkin plaque into a bright and seasonal clock.
White gesso on the large pumpkin base allows the colours added on top to be nice and vibrant.
The shades of orange were applied using a similar technique to dry brushing but achieved with a scourer instead. 
The numbers were painted with black gesso for a matte finish ( The same for the broomsticks and some more dry brushing technique),
I added sand texture and paint to the smaller pumpkins and a mixture of sand and glitter with gold paint to the filigree pumpkin.
A fun seasonal clock which celebrates both Halloween and Autumn!

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