3D Sunken Galleons – Whole ship or spilt ship



Do you require glue?

Samantha K Extra strong glue Comes in a 60ml bottle with twist and seal top (no more mess or lost tops!) It has really strong adhesion properties and is perfect for all your crafty projects including model building


A choice of two amazing model kits! OR by the bundle and get both at a reduced price saving £4.99

Galleon Model pack includes:

Instructions and Pieces to create a 3D Sunken Galleon model.

Approx: 8cm X 41cm wide & 35cm high


Galleon Model Halves pack includes:

Instructions and Pieces to create 2 3D Sunken Galleon model halves.

Each Approx: 8cm X 21cm wide & 35cm high

Use them together to create a broken in half ship wreck or as separates for two entirely different projects. Created so you can angle or lay them however suits your project.

As the kit is made from MDF it will take most mediums, you can also paint colour, and add other elements to it.


Cut in the UK from sturdy 3mm MDF


Additional information

Weight 25 g

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