Storage with samantha K

Storage with Samantha K by Denyse Coughlan

At Samantha K we have a number of fantastic storage solutions for you. The bottle holder we have is designed so that any product in the bottles is tipped forwards preventing any air from blocking the nozzles of your products. The holder itself is great to decorate and I chose to decorate mine using acrylic inks, gilding wax and by putting texture paste through stencils. I love mine as a practical, decorative piece.

One of my favourite storage solutions is the tray Sam designed to take “Technique Tags”. When I am starting a new MDF project I have various ideas in my head but I don’t necessarily want to try them out on my project. Technique tags are a way of experimenting with effects without committing to applying it to your project. I write what I have done on the back of the tag and keep them in my tray. They provide a really useful library of techniques and finishes which i can refer to at any time.

Sam also has a flip top box which makes a lovely gift with or without contents!

We also have the fabulous stacking crates which I took to Hochanda last Monday. These come in two sizes and the inside sections are adjustable in the larger crate. You can stack small and large ones together so the configuration is up to you!

Finally the printers trays are fully adjustable and can be used as desk or dressing table trays or as wall decor filled with ephemera.

Whichever option you choose you can be assured of good quality MDF and a fabulous design. Why not take a look at the website and see what will work for you?

You can find our Facebook Group ‘Samantha K Mixed Media and Crafting’ HERE We would love you to come and join us!

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