The Bott Family by karen Clare

The Bott Family by Karen Clare

Samantha K Robot Parts (Coming to our website soon, currently available from Hochanda HERE)
Samantha K Line Stencil (available for £1.75 HERE)
Acrylic paints
2 x Canvas Boards

I used SamanthaK’s Robot Parts to make the Bott Family.
Mounted on 2 boards which I had applied white gesso to.
I then applied acrylic paints through one of Samantha’s stencils to create the background.
It was great fun creating the complete scene.
Choosing all the different elements and deciding how to assemble into individual characters.
All acrylic painted with paint dotted eyes to finish their features.
This could be a great project to do with children!
This would also make a wonderfully different Family Tree!

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