Update on current business situation amidst Covid 19

If you are  Facebook follower you may of recently seen a post about the current Covid 19 situation, but it is below for those of you that haven’t, there is also hopefully a video that will make you smile at the bottom of this post 🙂

My heart goes out to everyone at this stressful and worrying time. ❤️
I want to take a moment to send my love and thanks to all of those on the front line. NHS staff, store staff, food delivery drivers, carers, the list goes on. I also want to send my love and thoughts to anyone suffering or with a loved one suffering from this awful virus. ?
To all the teachers and school staff sending out regular updates and ideas to do with the children, to the celebs that have taken their time to do online activities, to everyone doing their part to make this time as easy as possible for us all THANK YOU ??

My part is only very small and it is this, I will adhere to social distancing as set out by the government and I will keep working throughout this worrying time. As i realise now more than ever how fundamental crafting can be for our mental health and how helpful it can be to have things to do with the children. My prices are always kept low, however to try and aid the fact people will be low on money and resources, I have lowered all prices further where possible and the majority of craft sets now have free UK P&P, this also means anything added to your basket with an item with free P&P in, will also have free P&P (all UK orders over £40 still remain the same and have free P&P)

I have made the choice to remain open, as not only do i realise the importance of having something to do for both myself and others. But I am self employed and unfortunately there is nothing i can see in place yet, to help small businesses like myself, so I also need to try and remain in business to enable me to help towards the bills and food, especially as who knows where many companies (including the one my husband works for) will be when we come out of the other side of this!

I have kept saying i will get more videos onto the youtube channel and now i will push to get this done, as I want there to be things for you to watch whether alone or with the kids and to give you ideas and even in some cases a bit of company. They may be older projects that were filmed sometime ago, but I will work to get these edited and uploaded and some new videos filmed (so please shout if there is anything in particular you would like to see/do). I will also try and organise some FB lives.



I have updated page headers and website banners etc to show I am still open for business, however I wanted to take a moment to assure everyone that I am following the governments new rules/requests and ensuring the safety of myself and others.

I work alone and now have a home studio set up at home. This means I can work as normal and i do not need to come into contact with anyone else.

In regards to getting orders sent, if I use a courier other than Royal Mail (which isn’t too often) they can knock, step back, I leave the sack out for them and they sign on my behalf and take the orders. No contact.

In regards to Royal Mail, my local post office is a main post office and remains open and they have stated they can not foresee being closed for any reason.
They work behind a protective screen and parcels/sacks are placed into a transfer area, again No contact. They also have markings on the floor to ensure people keep the recommended distance apart. If the post office is busy, I will return when it is not.
The only thing i will be doing differently here, is i will not go daily as i used to and will limit it to once/twice a week dependant on orders. One of these visits will also coincide with getting any shopping we require (so I would be out anyway) as it is in our local Tescos.

Please bear with me for getting things uploaded/answered though, as I too am having to adjust and have a 7 year old to entertain and teach alongside these things.

Please stay safe and please look after each other both mentally and physically.

Lots of love, Sam

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