The NutCracker

The Nutcracker by Denyse Coughlan

Samantha K Nutcracker Plaque Found HERE
Royal Talens Amsterdam Acrylic Ink in silver and gold
Background paper of your choice
PVA Glue
Sandpaper or file
Green acrylic paint
Posca (or similar) chalk pens in red, black, yellow, white and blue

I recently had the opportunity to film a 12 minute demo for Hochanda ‘s Twelve Days of Christmas. I wasn’t sure if I would develop an allergy to using Christmas products in July (or even mentioning the word – sorry!) but I appear to have survived!
I began with this fantastic plaque which comes in three parts.

  1. I began by covering the base plate with a thin layer of PVA glue and then placing a random sheet of newspaper on top.

  2. Once dry I pressed around the edge of the base and then tore away the excess paper, tidying it up with a file and sandpaper.

  3. I coloured in the text on the Nutcracker piece with a black Posca pen (you could use paint for this but dont overload your brush as you will lose the gaps in the lettering)

  4. I coloured the outer ring of the top piece with Acrylic gold ink which gives good coverage and a beautiful finish.

  5. I painted the Nutcracker ribbon green as I wanted the Nutcracker to be traditionally coloured and I felt green added a “Pop”, to the effect.

  6. I then painted the outer ring of the middle piece silver, once again using acrylic ink and being careful where it met with the Nutcracker and text.

  7. Finally I used the Posca Pens to colour in the Nutcracker. I used white on his face first and then when dry, added blue eyes but forgot his rosy cheeks! I used a fine Posca pen to draw a line between his tunic and trousers as I wanted them in the same colour.

  8. All that was left was to carefully glue the three pieces together.

I thought this would make a lovely project to make with a child and how lovely to bring it out each Christmas and remember the fun of creating it!

If you would like to see the video demonstration please click HERE and it will take you to the video on the Hochanda TV Website.

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