Bright Bottle Rack Tutorial – By Emma Blake

Bright Bottle Rack Tutorial – By Emma Blake


Samantha K Bottle Rack

Cardboard (the kind from scrap boxes)

Spray Paints

Studio light stamps

Ink and distress ink

Glue Gel

Good morning, its my turn on the blog today and thought I would tell you how I decorated the super popular bottle storage. 

1. I built up the storage which is super easy and then glued cardboard to all the sides (not the bottom) I peeled the top layer of card off to reveal the corigated but under and then I glued lace on aswell and put to one side to dry. 

2. I used spray paints to paint the storage and it I didn’t even Need to prime the mdf first. I went out side and used nice bright colours, I wanted a ombre look so I sprayed the yellow first and then the blue and then the yellow again to blend making sure I didn’t cover all the colours back over and left to dry. 

3. The trees, leaves, flowers and animals are studiolight stamps that I stamped lots of times and coloured with studiolight light markers, they are watercolour inks and are lush and bright.

4. I cut all the stamps out and went around the edges with distress ink to hide any white areas, I also went around the edge of the storage and over the texture to make it pop. 

5. I used glue gel to glue all my stamped images on and I have to say I was really pleased with how it turned out and its super handy so I don’t have to hunt for my bottles anymore. 

Emma 🙂

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