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20th April 2018
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22nd June 2018
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Eeeeeepppp finally I can share my exciting (but a bit scary) news 😬😬 Some of you may of already seen this on Facebook, but i wanted to post here too 🙂 
Thanks to how busy you lovely lot all keep me, I need to be able to take on help and to do that I need more space.
I’ve also outgrown the studio in the short amount of time I’ve been in there 😳 I am literally moving bits around to get to the bits I need!
Soooooo after a roller coaster of emotions, Tuesday afternoon I signed on the dotted line for Samantha K’s new home 😬😬😌
It needs a good clean and there is lots to get sorted and do, but there’s lots of space to grow and create more goodies for you all to play with.
Here it is for now  xx






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