Rusty Tag – By Suzi McKenzie-Baker

Rusty Tag – By Suzi McKenzie-Baker


Samantha K Cog Tag

Samantha K Cogs

Antique Silver Aztec Metallic Paint

Standard Silver & Copper Aztec Metallic Paint

Scarlet and Copper Design It Paste

Paynes Grey & Scarlet DecoArt  paint 

Good Day All, Today I’d like to share with you a fun wee project using one of the wonderful MDF Tags from Samantha K and lots of lovely Paints and Pastes from ColourCraft.

First I took the Cog Tag and some Cogs and arranged them in the design I wanted.

I then added a couple of layers of Paynes Grey Eco Acrylic Paint

I then added some Antique Silver Aztec Metallic Paint 

Followed by the Standard Silver Aztec Metallic Paint 

I then took some more of the Paynes Grey Eco Acrylic, along with Scarlet Eco Acrylic and started to dab it over my pieces. I built up the layers until I was happy, adding some Copper Aztec Metallic paint too.  

As you can see it’s looking very rusty, I could have left it alone at this stage. However I didn’t want it to look quite so rusty, so I added some more of the Silver Aztec Metallic paints.

I was pretty happy with it at this point, but wanted a little more texture so I added some Scarlet and Copper DesignIt Paste, before adding a little more Silver Aztec Metallic Paint.  Once dry I glued all the pieces together.

To finish my tag off I wanted some ribbon of some sort, but didn’t have anything that really went.  I took some White Bias Binding and painted it with Silver and Copper Aztec Metallic Paint.

I then added the Bias Binding to the Tag and that was it finished.

I forgot to say, I also decorated the back and sides with the same technique, here’s a picture of the back of the Tag.

So that’s my take on a Rust Technique, I hope you enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed creating this project.  Don’t forget to post your creations in the Samantha K Mixed Media and Crafting Group on Facebook, we’d love to see your work.

That’s all from me for today, 

Happy Crafting



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