Wood letters & numbers 288 in a box


Letters/Numbers 288 box


Wood letters & numbers in a box

288 4cm letters/numbers inc. Box

Includes 8 of each 4cm letter A-Z and 8 of each 4cm number 0-9

It also includes the sectioned box you see in the photos. The partitions also can be removed individually or entirely, meaning it can be used to store items of different sizes or as a completely empty box/tray.

As the 4cm letters/numbers are normally 10p each this means these alone would be £28.80 So this is a great bargain!

MDF Wood letters & numbers – Ready to decorate and personalise

3mm thick – Bare wood

Perfect to paint and decorate with the kids.

Or maybe you want to decorate them to sell on?

Perfect size for on plaques and door signs.

Personalise them however you wish.

Bare wood – Paint / Varnish / Stain to your hearts content

Additional information

Weight 10 g

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