Fairytale Princess style detailed Castle large MDF model Kit – DIY


Fairytale Princess large MDF model Kit – DIY

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Fairytale Princess detailed large castle MDF model Kit – DIY

Approx completed size: Height 57cm – 43cm wide

Model kit pieces: 718

This is a DIY model kit – Completed item in photos is just for illustration purposes only, but was built from this exact kit. You will receive the pieces to enable you to create / build this kit yourself. Including circular base.

The Kit is lasercut, in house, from high quality 3mm MDF (We use MDF rather than other materials like Birch Ply as these can splinter and we find people prefer the finished look of the high quality MDF) – Some pieces are lettered to help with putting the castle together

Each kit is hand checked before dispatch to ensure you have all pieces and all are in perfect condition.

Parts list & Full assembly instructions are included – Other similar castles on the market, do not offer instructions as comprehensive as ours, nor are some of the parts lettered to help with placement.

Equipment needed to complete model: Wood glue & a hot glue gun (optional)

Built kits are for personal use/gifting only – not for re-sale

This kit is produced under a commercial license

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