Down the rabbit hole… Alice Mirror being made

Through the rabbit hole… Alice Mirror being made



Alice in wonderland mirror front start

 1. Take your mirror and take it fully apart.


Alice in wonderland mirror apart Alice in wonderland mirror take apart


2. Paint the frame with a general cheap white paint (or colour of your choice) the kind you can pick up in DIY stores.


 Alice in wonderland mirror frame


3. After this base coat is dry, apply a top coat of white Acrylic paint. The reason i do this is the white Acrylic is ‘whiter’ and is wipeable once finished.


 Alice in wonderland mirror frame painting


4. Once this is dry, you need to engrave your design onto the frame & mirror, for this you will need to have created a design and have some way of engraving it on there, there are lots of wood burning kits available on the market, which makes an affordable way to engrave wood, I use a laser. (I forgot to photo this bit, but once the mirror is engraved on the reverse, you need to paint over it with black paint, to help the engraving pop)


Alice in wonderland mirror frame engraved


5. Put everything back together, including adding a stamp or label showing it was made with love, so your recipient knows how much they mean to you. (Or in my case a company logo label, with contact details etc on there).


Alice in wonderland mirror back


Your mirror is now complete




Paint Brushes
Screw Drivers
Wooden Framed Mirror
White paint – Local DIY store
White Acrylic paint – Any arts & Crafts store
You can purchase one already done for you in White or natural – HERE


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