Artists Palette – by Julie Wilson

Artists Palette – by Julie Wilson


Samantha K Palette

Samantha K Flower swirl

White Gesso

Texture Paste

Brown Chalk Paint

Nuvo Crystal drops

Paper flowers (home made)

  1.  Paint the palette with white gesso and allow to dry.
  2. Choose a stencil and use texture paste to create your background pattern and allow to dry thoroughly.
  3. Dry brush brown chalk paint over the palette to make the detail stand out (TIP use a wet wipe to create a lighter look.
  4. Paint the mdf leaves and flowers with white gesso
  5. Paint your old brushes with brown paint and stick to the palette.
  6. Stick your flowers and leaves onto the palette and colour using NUVO Crystal Drops which give an enamel like finish.

7. Do the same with punched paper flowers plus add additional cream/white flowers

8. To finish add the Crystal Drops to the ends of the brushes to look like paint.

Julie x

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