House Journal – By Emma Blake

House Journal – By Emma Blake


Acrylic paint/sprays
Watercolour pencil
Texture paste
Black ink pad
Gel medium 

1. I gessoed the houses and journal and then cut the tabs off the bottom of the houses and sanded them down.
2. I painted the houses and dried them, then I then doodled some bricks and detail onto the houses, and used the paints to add depth and shade. 
3. I then used a honeycomb type stencil and texture paste on to the journal, you can speed up the drying process with a heat gun.
4. I then used spray acrylics to add colour to my journal in a rough way, it does not have to be perfect. I then used a black ink pad to go over the texture to bring it out and around the edges of the journal. 
5. I then added some circles with a stencil and texture paste along the top of the journal, once dry, I coloured the circles and some of the honeycomb shapes and used a grey watercolour pencil to go around the shapes to make them pop. 
6. I added different fibres where I wanted the houses to be and glued the houses over the fabrics with gel medium, the fabric gives texture and depth to your project. 

Emma 🙂


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