Fairy House Plaque – By Lynda Hall

Fairy House Plaque – By Lynda Hall


Samantha K Toadstool Plaque

Samantha K Circle plaque

Pebeo Cerne Relief

Shapes from Silicone moulds

Pebeo Prisme paints in red and brown tones

Blue and black paint

White Gesso

Brown card

Flower soft

Gilding Wax

Anyone who knows me in person or follows my work will probably know by now that I have a huge love of all things mythical, and especially fairies. When I saw Sam’s mdf toadstools in my DT pack I instantly knew exactly what I wanted to do with them, and my first project was to create a little dwelling for some woodland folk. I thought I would share how I created it here with you all.

Step 1:

Apply a coat of white gesso to the toadstool. Then when dry trace around the top with clear Pebeo Cerne Relief.

Step 2:

Allow time for the Cerne Relief to dry . I used this time to paint some a door, clay windows and flowers  and mini toadstools that I had previously made from silicone molds.

Step 3:

In order to ensure that the windows are set into the paint rather than perched on top, glue in place prior to pouring in Pebeo Prisme paints in red and brown tones. Drip white paint into it in places to create spots. Leave overnight to dry ( yes this bits so hard if like me you are impatient! But the good news is, you can crack on with the background while it sets)

Step 4:

Use one of Sams mdf circle plaques and create a night sky with blue and black paint, and a splash of deep green at the base. I used Lidl acrylic spray paints for this.  Use a white paint pen to create stars.

Step 5:

Once dry, glue on die cut tree bark from brown card ( the die I used was textured bark by Leanie Pujol) , inking first to make it darker in places.

Step 6:

Once the roof of the toadstool has dried paint the stalk and glue on the door. Colour the Cerne Relief edging with gilding wax.

Step 7:

Adhere the finished toadstool to the plaque and add the small clay ones too. Finish off with adding texture around the floor to replicate fallen leaves. You could use craft moss, but I had an old tub of Flower Soft in my stash so decided to use that up.

Sam is back on Hochanda on 23rd March at 12pm and 4pm. You can see this, and some amazing other samples on screen then. You won’t want to miss it!

I’ll be back with more inspiration soon.



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