Humming Bird canvas – By Karen Clare

Humming Bird canvas – By Karen Clare



Box canvas

Masking tape

Samantha K Humming bird kit

Brusho colours

Water spritzer

Paint brush

Heat tool


I received great feedback for this piece and hope you enjoy the inspiration using the fab Humming bird kit which is so cute and easy to construct.

  1. I used the reverse side of a box canvas and covered the stapled edges with masking tape.

2. Then applied gesso primer and dried.  The tape wrinkles but that adds to the arty/mixed media affect which is ok. 

3. After assembling the hummingbird and flower I again applied gesso.  I wanted any areas not coloured to show through white and for the colours to be quite vibrant which is why I used the white primer.  You can apply Brusho to the bare MDF if you prefer.

4. I then decided where I wanted the elements to sit on the canvas and removed the hummingbird. 

5. Without adhering the flower I simply placed it in position on the canvas and sprinkled then spritzed water on to the Brusho to colour the canvas in that area. 

6. I then removed the flower and added the Brusho colour to it, drying and building colour as I went along.  I ensured the canvas was dry too. 

7. Next I coloured the bird with Brusho’s, I roughly water coloured with a brush by mixing the colour/s with water on my craft mat. Drying and adding more colour until I was happy with it.

8. I then sprinkled Brusho colour and spritzed water to colour the right side of the canvas behind where the bird would sit, again layering and drying as I went.

I forgot to take a photo at this stage! 

9. Once the canvas and elements were coloured and dried I adhered both the flower and hummingbird to the canvas. This can be done with either a glue gun or gel medium. 

Happy crafting 

Karen x

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