3D DIY Model kit large Gypsy Caravan – Scale approx 1:12 (wagon)


Do you require glue or lights?

Samantha K Extra strong glue Comes in a 60ml bottle with twist and seal top (no more mess or lost tops!) It has really strong adhesion properties and is perfect for all your crafty projects including model building – Our LED lights are warm white, approx.2m long, moldable and feature 20 LED bulbs, they include batteries.


3D DIY Model kit Gypsy Reading Caravan Wagon

This large 3D model kit is easy to build and has lots of open space to decorate.

The roof also can be lifted off the reveal a seating area and table (which you can leave out if you prefer)

Approx size: 34cm long / 16cm wide / 26cm tall

Great for all crafters and mixed media enthusiasts.

You will receive the pieces to build this model, not a completed model

Comes complete with full build instructions

The kit is made from MDF and so will take most mediums, you can paint it, colour it and add other elements to it.

It isn’t an exact model, just an interpretation and this means that the width/length don’t scale correctly to a full size caravan.
The closest scale it would be approx 1:12

Cut in the UK from high quality 3mm MDF

Find the details for our extra strong glue HERE

Find the details for our LED lights HERE

Additional information

Weight 500 g


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