DIY pin cushion sewing project tutorial (and bean bag!)

DIY pin cushion sewing project tutorial (and bean bag!)

Use the template and instructions below to create these gorgeous pin cushions or even create your very own bean bag!

Step 1.

Print the template, which can be found below. Cut out and draw onto fabric of your choice x 2.

diy pin cushion 1

Step 2.

Place the two pieces of fabric, outer side against outer side. Attach a pin in each corner of the the upper piece of fabric and attach these pins onto the lower piece of fabric; between the corners.

diy pin cushion 2

Step 3.

Sew the two pieces of fabric together on the sewing machine. Loosen the foot of the sewing machine when sewing the corners, but leave the needle in the fabric. This makes it easier to turn the fabric. Leave one side open.

diy pin cushion 3

Step 4.
Turn the fabric inside out and fill the pincushion with polyester stuffing. Sew the opening together by hand.

diy pin cushion 4

Step 5.
Using a needle and thread, sew a decorative design button onto each side of the pincushion.

diy pin cushion 5

Another variant of this is a bean bag / pouf.

diy bean bag

To make pouf: Cover: Cut 2 x 4 designs/colours of fabric measuring 30 x 30cm. The inner bag: Cut 8 pieces of linen, each measuring 30 x 30cm. Sew the parts together following the same procedure as for the pincushion. Fill the inner bag with polystyrene pellets before sewing it together completely. Place it inside the cover and decorate with a button.

And your finished!……How gorgeous are these! They would also make great gifts.

diy pin cushion pic

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To use the template, left click to open it, then right click on the template and select ‘save image as’ and pop the picture somewhere you can find it. Print it out as normal and use.

diy pin cushion template

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