Samantha K – Acrylic stamping blocks – Multi pack – 7pieces total



Samantha K – Acrylic stamping blocks – Multi pack – 7pieces total

Pack Includes:

  • A4 clear acrylic stamping block ( this is actually just a bit bigger than A4 so it holds your A4 stamps nicely)
  • 12x15cm clear acrylic stamping block
  • 9cm square clear acrylic stamping block
  • x4 – 4cm square clear acrylic stamping blocks

Not sure what block to use? Not only does this pack have a great selection, but you can be sure the A4 block will take even your larger stamps or why not multiple stamps at once?

Want to use smaller stamps but don’t want the hassle of handling a bigger block? Then the smaller stamp blocks are perfect for you and with 4 included you can have stamps ready and waiting, rather than having to keep switching stamps over.

Using these blocks will help you get the best out of your stamps, they are strong,  hard-wearing and flexible for a bit of give when applying pressure.

The flexibility allows you to press firmly all over the stamp, allowing stamps to be fully compressed. This helps create better impressions even with larger stamps.

Excellent sticking properties and very easy to clean

Cut in the UK from high quality acrylic.



Additional information

Weight 25 g

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