Tall broken wall Set



Tall broken wall Set

Tall broken wall, Large and small doors, shutter window, ivy leaves in 3 sizes x6, square window x2, trailing delicate ivy

Welcome to the secret garden collection. Create stunning projects using the elements in this pack.

Delicate and detailed items will help create fantastic projects. The standing walls can be used flat on projects if you would prefer. But make amazing stand alone items. Create a magical, mystical secret garden door to walk thorough, why not create something for the other side?

Smaller items are great for cards and scrapbooking

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Cut from sturdy 3mm MDF they have a detailed look but are still sturdy and versatile. They can be used to create beautiful, interesting projects.

As the elements are made from MDF they will take most mediums, you can also paint them, colour them, add other elements to them or add them to other projects.

Cut in the UK from high quality MDF.

Additional information

Weight 25 g

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